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COVID-19 Information

The safety of our guests and staff remains our top priority. In response to the coronavirus pandemic we have taken additional health and safety measures to help keep our guests and staff safe:

1.- We have reinforced the cleaning staff and increased the frequency of disinfection of rooms, common areas and especially objects and areas of common use such as lobbies, elevators, door handles, public toilets, taps, etc.

2.- The staff has been trained by qualified companies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, using new cleaning and disinfection techniques adapted to the current situation.

3.- We have provided our workers with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) after a prevention service assessment.

4.- We are using cleaning products specifically recommended for COVID-19 disinfection.

5.- We have placed hand disinfectant at the disposal of our guests in the common areas.

6.- In each room, there is a welcome hygiene kit containing a mask and disinfectant gel.

7.- We have established a maximum seating capacity in each of the common areas of the hotel. Therefore, we have extended the service hours to guarantee these capacities and the safety distances between guests.

8.- If any of the guests have symptoms of Covid19, the management is immediately informed and the hotel activates the safety protocol adopted, which consists of isolating the guest and immediately calling the health authorities to deal with the situation.

9.- Mandatory use of facemasks in the common areas.

10.- Two thermal cameras for temperature detection have been placed at each of the hotel's access points.

11.- Due to the situation, some services and facilities may be limited or unavailable at this time.

Thank you for your understanding, it is a task in which we must all participate, and above all have a great stay with us.

Yours sincerely.